JuLox: What I Learned Building a Lox Interpreter in Julia

Design walk-though, opinions, and learnings from implementing Robert Nystrom's Lox language from his Crafting Interpreters book.

The Uncanny Dominance of the Python ML Ecosystem

Musings on why Python has stayed so dominant for ML over the last five years.

Recursive Least Squares Derivation

Exploration of least squares linear regression modeling in an online setting.

Infimum Technologies - predicting cryptocurrency prices

The first six months of my project to develop and edge on the crypto market through Infimum Technologies, LLC

Predicting Selfie Likeability with a Deep Neural Network

Following in Andrej Karpathy's selfie-classifying footsteps, and learning that Instagram likes don't tell the full story when it comes to training deep neural networks on your #Selfie.

Mailing Acquisition Case Study

A full machine learning pipeline to provide predictions for effective mailings in a mailing acquisition campaign case study.